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How to Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

Last Updated on August 19, 2020

Workplace drug tests can be demanded at any time, and depending on where you work, they’ll probably come up more frequently than you would expect. Some workplaces nowadays even give “random” drug tests to employees when they come back from vacation.

If you’re unsure of your results, simply refusing to take a test or asking for them to reschedule could land you in trouble. So if you’ve got a drug test coming up that you know you’re going to fail, it’s time to get creative and think of a solution.

Anyone who has done their research will know that the synthetic urine is your best option for passing a urine test.

If you’re looking to use synthetic urine for an upcoming drug test, you should know that it’ll still require effort on your part to make it look like the real deal. One of the biggest factors to making sure that your synthetic urine is accepted is the temperature.

What Is the Correct Urine Temperature for a Test?

Our regular body temperature ranges from 97.7 to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. When urine exits the body, it is typically at around that temperature. 96 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temp for fresh human pee.

Drug test clinics test urine for temperature within 4 minutes from when the sample was given. If it’s too cold or too hot, the sample won’t be valid.

How Long Does Urine Stay Warm in a Pill Bottle?

If you were planning on storing your synthetic urine sample in a pill bottle, think again! A pill bottle isn’t made to keep things at a certain temperature, much less keep things warm.

Best Way to Keep Urine Warm and Fresh

The best thing about synthetic urine is that it has a long shelf life and if stored properly, will keep until you need to use it. If you’ve got a test coming up, all you need to do is keep your cool and make your preparations.

Most synthetic urine kits will come with instructions on how to get it warm. Leading labs producing synthetic urine have developed kits which include a heating pad, an adjustable belt or strap, and of course the synthetic pee packaged in a pouch or flask, with a tube.

The good thing about kits like those is that the heating pad can last up to 8 hours. Many labs encourage users to keep the pouch pressed against a warm area of the body for about two hours, just so that it can get as close to body temperature as possible.

When you’re preparing to go take the test, all you’ll need to do is strap on the heating pad and pee pouch with the tube, make sure the tube isn’t too long or too short, and that it’s placed downwards. You can use scissors to cut the tube if it’s too long for you.

Pro tip: Always do a thorough mirror check before you get in the clinic to make sure nothing looks out of place; or is too bulky or suspicious.

How to Store Urine for a Test Tomorrow

There’s a huge difference between storing fresh human urine and synthetic urine. Let’s say, for example, you’re skeptical about fake pee so you decide the best thing to do is just ask a friend for clean pee.

Probably sounds easy, but that could actually give you more problems. Human urine, once it leaves the body, will need to be refrigerated to maintain its “freshness.” Some people actually freeze and then microwave clean samples, but that could potentially still spoil the urine.

Bottom line is that the longer human urine sits out and the warmer it gets, then the cloudier it gets. If you hand that to the clinic nurse or lab tech, they will instantly be able to tell that the sample isn’t fresh.

For those reasons, synthetic urine is really the best option. If you’re already going to go through the trouble of carrying a bottle of foreign pee with you, might as well make sure that it’s going to be accepted.

How to Get the Temperature Right

If your synthetic urine is too cold or too hot, you’ll be rejected immediately, and you will land yourself in huge trouble. You might even get charged.

There are different methods you can use for getting your synthetic pee at the right temp for your test. Here are a few you can try out.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers can easily be purchased at your local sporting goods or camping supply store. Some department stores and hardware stores carry them as well. To use them, you simply need to squish and press the packet to activate the chemicals inside, and it will slowly start to warm up.

To get the urine at body temperature, the common practice is to use just one packet, though there are few who recommend using two so you can stick one on each side of your pee pouch. Hand warmers are relatively inexpensive, easy to find, and work pretty much like heating pads.


If you’re choosing to go the microwave heating route for your synthetic pee, make sure to be extra careful. You don’t want to overheat your synthetic urine sample!

It’s best to check what wattage and heat setting your microwave is at to make sure it isn’t too high. Heat it at 10-second intervals, always checking that your urine sample hasn’t gotten too hot.

Because a microwave is such a powerful heat source, keep in mind that your ideal temperature should only be between  97.7 to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have one of those infrared digital thermometers, you can check the temperature that way. Once you’re at the right temperature, get ready and strap it on along with the heating pad.

With the microwaved synthetic urine, plus the heating pad, and the heat from your body, all of that should be enough to keep your sample warm until the test.

Heating Pads

Heating pads usually come together with synthetic urine kits. Similar to hand warmers, heating pads typically keep their temperature for about eight hours. If you don’t have any heating pads, hand warmers are the next best thing.

Quick Fix Bundled Heater Pads

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine comes with a bundle of heater packs. Kits like this are highly recommended since they’re made for the exact situation you’re in and are guaranteed to work perfectly.

If you purchase heating packs in a bundle, it also gives an added sense of security and a back-up plan for if you need to give the temperature a boost just before the test.

Many swear by the Quick Fix Plus 6.2 kit because it takes care of everything; from the sample to the heating instruments, to the straps, the tube, the flask, everything! With their all-in-one kit, all you need to do is just discreetly and non-suspiciously hide it on your body, and you’ll pass with flying colors.


If you’re looking for a way to pass a drug test without necessarily quitting the habit, synthetic urine kits are your best option. Even if it is already 2019, some states still allow employers to fire employees for using cannabis. Of all the things one can get fired over, no-one deserves to get fired over a little puff of weed.

If you’re formally employed and still enjoy the occasional joint or bong hit, it’s best to stay prepared and purchase a kit ahead of time. Since synthetic pee is easy to store and has a long shelf life, you won’t need to panic when the drug test comes, because you’ve already prepared.

Save your future self the freak-out and stay ready. Good luck from Synthetic Urine Quick Fix team!

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