Quick Clear Detox Drink 20oz

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The Quick Clear 20oz detox drinks comes with 8 flush caps, and is recommended for people with a high toxin level looking to detox their urine sample
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Step 1. For best taste chill Quick Clear Detox drink before drinking.
Step 2. Comfortably drink one 20oz glass of water
Step 3. Wait 20 minutes, shake well and then at a comfortable pace drink the entire bottle of Quick Clear Detox and take the 8 capsules provided.
Step 4. Wait 20 minutes. Refill the bottle with water and consume.
Step 5. As part of the toxin elimination process, it is important to urinate frequently.
Avoid all unwanted toxins
For best results take on an empty stomach, however if you have a sensitive stomach you might want to eat something light. When cleaning out your system it is important to drink as much water as possible on a daily basis. Quick Clear Detox drinks are effective for up to 5 hours from the time consumed and most effective within 2 hours. Individual results may very depending on toxicity levels.

Blueberry Acai, Orange Mango