Quick Fix 6.2 2oz Original Three Pack Special

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3 – two ounce opaque bottle w/flip top lid, two ounces synthetic urine, one hand warmer, and one instruction sheet.

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Worried about passing your next test? When you’ve got Quick Fix 6.2 with you, you can set those worries aside. This is a three-pack of Spectrum Labs’ best synthetic urine, perfectly pre-mixed in a 2oz bottle. This means all you have to do is heat it up before the test, and then just pour it into the cup when it’s time.

This laboratory-grade fake pee is made to be as close to natural urine as possible, down to pH level, specific gravity, and the presence of creatinine, urea, and uric acid. It’s formulated for both sexes, so everyone’s covered.

Fifteen years of perfect performance prove why Quick Fix is the number one synthetic urine of choice. No matter what test you’ll run into, Quick Fix has your back!

If you’re at a job that tests you routinely, then you need a pack that’s going to last. This three-box set gives you enough formula to last a handful of tests.

This package includes: Three boxes of Quick Fix Original

Each box contains:

  • One 2oz bottle of Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine
  • One temperature strip (already attached to bottle)
  • One air-activated heating pad
  • One instruction sheet

How to Use

Remember, urine comes from your body, so it usually is around a given temperature. If you know when your test will be, toss it in the microwave with the cap off for ten seconds, then tuck it away next to you; your body heat will be enough to keep the temperature up. If you’re less sure, attach the heating pad on the opposite side of the bottle from the temperature strip. It will heat for forty-five minutes until it’s ready. Either way, you want the temperature to be anywhere between 94 to 100 F, so keep an eye on the temperature strip to be sure you’re in the right spot. Before you pour, shake it a little bit to get bubbles. Be careful not to exceed 100 F; if the synthetic urine gets too hot, and the formula will spoil.