Quick Fix 6.2 Original Two Pack Special

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Two 2oz synthetic urine kits factory sealed. All batches shipped are guaranteed valid and pre tested in a lab enviroment.

Manufacture’s Satisfaction Guarantee

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You’ll never need to worry about urine tests ever again with Quick Fix at your side. Spectrum Labs’ proven product is on version 6.2, updated to make sure it’s always one step ahead of any test. The formula is pre-mixed in a 2oz container, making it very easy to use. All you need to do is take off the cap and pour Quick Fix into the sample cup, and with that, your test is secure.

Quick Fix 6.2 is laboratory grade, made with every ingredient that also occurs in natural urine. It’s formulated to be as close to true urine as possible, with the right specific gravity and pH level. Version 6.2 adds uric acid to the formula, making sure your urine is as real as it can be. Count on Quick Fix to pass you a urine test, no matter who’s giving it.

Spectrum Labs ensures a unisex formula so that it can be used by either men or women. A 15-year record of constant tests and updates has kept Quick Fix as the very best brand of synthetic urine on the market. When your livelihood is at stake, trust no-one else but Quick Fix! This two-pack special gets you a second box, just in case.

This package includes: Two boxes of Quick Fix Original

Each box contains:

  • One 2oz bottle of Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine
  • One temperature strip (already attached to bottle)
  • One air-activated heating pad
  • One instruction sheet

How to Use

Read the instructions in the box and refer to them as needed. Urine needs to be the correct temperature (learn how to achieve the required level), so remove the cap and place in the microwave for ten seconds, or when it hits the right temperature. That’s anywhere between 94 to 100 F. Reattach the cap and shake to produce a realistic bubbling, then simply apply the heating pad to maintain temperature. Stow the bottle somewhere safe. It’ll keep the right temperature range for approximately eight to ten hours. Be careful with heating, and make sure temperature doesn’t go over 100 F, or else you’ll ruin the formula.