Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Two Pack Special

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Two three ounce opaque bottle w/flip top lid, two ounces synthetic urine, one hand warmer, and one instruction sheet.

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When you have to deal with a test, look no further beyond Quick Fix 6.2 Plus. This version of Spectrum Labs’ classic synthetic urine comes in a 3oz bottle, just in case they think you’re not peeing enough into the cup. It’s a pre-mixed formula, so all you have to do is take off the cap and pour to pass your urine test.

Quick Fix is a laboratory grade synthetic urine, made with every ingredient and quality that occurs in natural urine. Spectrum Labs continually updates and refines their formula to ensure that it can always beat the latest tests. The latest version, 6.2, adds uric acid to the formula. No test will ever detect it’s fake.

For the ladies wondering, it’s a unisex formula; so anyone can use it and get a pass. With a proven fifteen-year record, Quick Fix keeps its place as the best synthetic urine on the market. If you can’t trust in your own pee to pass a test, you can count on Quick Fix! Grab this two-box deal and pass with flying colors.

This package includes: Two Quick Fix Plus Kits

Each Plus Kit contains:

  • One 3oz bottle of Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine
  • One thermometer (already attached to bottle)
  • One air-activated heating pad
  • One instruction sheet

How to Use

The box has an instruction sheet, so make sure to give it a thorough read.

To ensure that your fake pee is at the right temperature, heat it up in the microwave for ten minutes with the cap off. If you’re not sure when your test will be, apply the heating pad for 45 minutes to an hour. Whichever method you choose, the acceptable temperature range is between 94 to 100 F, so check the thermometer to be sure it’s the right temperature. Avoid going over 100 F, as this ruins the formula and may lead to a failure on your test. Keep it close to your body, both to keep it hidden and so your body heat can keep it warm. Before providing your sample, shake the bottle to create realistic bubbles.

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