Synthetic Urine Belt Holder

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Synthetic urine bottle holder fits comfortably. This neoprene urine belt will fot both sizes of Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine samples snugly against the body while maintaining the correct temperature.

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Looking to discreetly hold your Synthetic Urine bottle while going about daily activities? The Synthetic Urine belt is a great addition to conceal your belongings without being noticed by the naked eye. The neoprene strap fits up to a 40″ thigh and will hold both a 2oz or 3oz synthetic urine bottle tightly while also helping it maintain the proper body temperature.

The Synthetic Urine strap is made of high grade neoprene and Velcro to ensure it can be used on a regular basis. This urine belt is sold individually and shipped discreetly with any online order so add your to the cart today.